I'm now an official EMT-B for Superior Ambulance located here in Roseville, which is right next door to Warren, so yipee for me. I don't have the Michigan blue license yet, but it should reach my mailbox soon. Then I'll be able to instead of being a third rider, be experiencing the roads as a driver. Watch out everyone.
It's been ages since I last wrote in my journal, it's hard to write off all about yourself. I'm just so not into myself right now, I'm not an exciting and fun to be around with anymore, but I hope to chance that soon. So if anyone reads this, please read the list of hobbies I have. I'm especially looking for someone or a groupie to gang out with and have some fun.
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I hate that last entry. I hope not too many people read that one. If ya did, I'm sorry ya had to read it. Erase it from yer minds, and pretend I didn't write it.
Updates: Went to the Movement in downtown detriot. It rocked with techno music, very cool! I wasn't in the mood to dance at first, but after that nice beat in drums, it's hard not to dance. So I got my exercise for the day.
Went to see my neurologist about a week ago. I might need a second opinion about my head. For those who don't know, they found a mass in my left frontal lobe about a month ago. The doctor kind've pissed me off that day too. She's a specialist in her field but I didn't really trust her. She was going way to fast for me, and didn't give me a chance to ask her questions. Also, I was kind've hoping it would be something, sounds kind of sick and twisted but it would account for all my mood swings I've been having these past few months. Take care all, and don't beat up on yer siblings, sometimes there all you have!
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The World Is MINE! by Demonac
You will conquer:the Moon. Beat that.
Your title will be:Lady (regardless of gender)
You will succeed by:Celestial Lottery.
Your Enforcers will be:An army of Assault Lawyers (preferably in Powered Armor).
Your first act as ruler:Have Pinky and the Brain imprisoned (just in case).
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Boy it's been awhile.

Had a great time at the comic convention that went on the weekend of October 18 and 19th. I had my own table and sold about 30 comics and gave away about 50. I'm hoping for my big breakthru in the comic industry. If I could find a crack in a window/door, I would take that oppurunity in a heartbeat to become a professional comic book artist. But when I look around and see other artist who've been doing it for years and they are ten times better who are looking for a job, it scares me. I guess sometimes then I lack in motivation...I get discouraged and think my artwork is in that struggling point. I think sometimes if fate was to say I would be an artist, I think I would've become one a long time ago. I'm 30, I don't exactly have the most successful career as a security guard(shrug!) My life is not exactly were I want it to go, both money wise and my relationships around me. I feel like I'm in the middle of a desert calling for help and no one is out there to help me. The only advise I'm getting right now is you have to make yourself happy, no one else can make ya happy.Ya that helps if ya just happen to notice that I DON'T have friends and I don't try to force anyone to make me happy. Boy, it's depressing but I am in a depressing state of mind. I guess you can say I'm at that long road ahead of trying to achieve happiness on my own, but isn't that where everyone is heading???I guess I'm not alone. Talk more. Peace


I'm Jen, I'm new here at Live journal. Going shopping today to start on my Christmas shoppping, and tons of people to buy for. But I especially like when I can buy gifts for my nephews and nieces and put "from Santa" on the gifts. Happy Holidays ~~Jen